Certified English Translation

I can translate your Chinese documents into English, and provide you with certified English translations.
What is a certified English translation?
In Australia, a certified English translation is carried out by a NAATI-accredited translator (NAATI is the national standards and accreditation body for translators and interpreters in Australia).  The NAATI-accredited translator will need to declare on the translation document that it is a true and correct translation, and affixed a stamp on the translation. 
I am a NAATI-accredited translator (Chinese <> English), therefore, I can issue certified English translations for your Chinese documents.
Does an English translation has to be a certified one?
If the English translation is for an official purpose, then it usually needs to be an certified one.  Official purpose can be anything that involves a government department. For example,
  • When your business import from or export to Chinese, the  Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry may want to see a certified English translation for the product label or your business partner's import permit.
  • When you want to use your Chinese driver licence in Australia, the Australia police or the transport department will want to see a certified English translation of your Chinese driver licence.
Typical Chinese documents I have translated for official purposes are:
  • Chinese driver licences
  • Chinese import permits
  • Chinese business licences
  • Chinese business labels
  • Chinese police certificates
  • Chinese marriage certificates
  • Chinese divorce certificates
  • Chinese birth certificates
  • Chinese death certificates
  • Chinese ID Cards
  • other Chinese documents.