Chinese Translation Service

I provide professional Chinese translation service (English <> Chinese).  If needed, I can provide you with certified English translations and certified Chinese translations.  
Over the years, I have translated a wide range of documents, including and not limited to:
  • Business translation
Business correspondences
Marketing materials
Import & export documents
Financial statements
Feasibility reports 
  • Technical translation
Laboratory test reports
Product operation manuals
Technical specifications
  • Medical translation
Medical reports
Medical journal articles
Hospital records
  • Websites Translation
  • Personal Documents
Driver Licence
Police Certificate
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate,
Divorce Certificate
Death Certificate


Quotation and Turnaround Time: 

If you want an accurate quotation and turnaround time, I must receive your document(s) first.  You may email me your documents or you may bring your documents to me.  The following information is for reference only:
  • Basic Rate:  $25 per 100 source words.  This basic rate applies when all the following conditions are met:
    • The total number of words is over 1,000 words
    • The text is of general nature, i.e. non-technical.
    • Your documents are in MS Word
    • The project is non-urgent.
  • A higher rate may apply in the following circumstances:
    • Your documents have less than 1,000 words
    • Your documents have hand-written text, especially illegible hand-written text.
    • Your documents are technical or legal text, or marketing materials.
    • Your documents are in PDF, PPT, http, hard copy etc.
    • The project is urgent, and requires us to work over time.
  • Turnaround Time:  For documents that have a total word count of 1,000 or less, it usually takes 1-4 days to complete.  Each additional 1,000~1500 words will need one extra working day.